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Babies & Toddlers Intolerance Test

Finger or Heel Prick Blood Sample Required

This exclusive test has been been specifically designed with babies in mind. Recognizing the need for a clear understanding of what's causing your baby's discomfort, our clinic offers a specialised intolerance test for babies. This test is a game-changer for many families. 

Blood sample

over 350 items tested

Results in 7 days

Per Child


Visit our Clinic

Pay and provide blood sample at our Clinic during opening times.

View a Sample Report

Clear and easy to understand results delivered to your email.

About this Test

Health & Wellness Screening Since 2015

Parenthood brings with it a world of joy, but also a host of worries, especially when it comes to the health of our little ones. Among the common concerns for parents of newborns to toddlers (0-3 years) are issues like skin rashes, eczema, redness, constipation, bloating, tummy aches, and general irritability. It's often a distressing mystery for mothers who are left wondering about the root cause. Could it be the formula? Dairy products? Even exclusively breastfed babies sometimes exhibit these symptoms. At our clinic, we understand these concerns and have developed a comprehensive approach to pinpointing the problem.

Food Intolerance in Babies

Food intolerance in babies is a complex issue. Unlike food allergies, which trigger an immune system response, food intolerances are often related to the digestive system's inability to handle certain foods. This can be tricky to diagnose, as symptoms can be varied and may not appear immediately after eating.

Specialised Testing

Recognizing the need for a clear understanding of what's causing your baby's discomfort, our clinic offers specialised food intolerance tests for babies. This test is a game-changer for many families. It's designed to identify not only foods & environmental allergens (that might be causing problems) but also tests for baby specific products like nappies, baby wipes, baby creams, lotions and more. 

What is Tested?

The Babies & Toddlers Test Panel includes testing intolerances to the following items:

  • Milk & Dairy Products
    Many people who have wheat and dairy intolerances suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, psoriasis, etc. This test will tell you exactly which types of dairy your body cannot tolerate. £40.00
  • Wheat, Gluten & Grains"
    Common foods are made with wheat, including bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, cereals and some types of flour. Symptoms can appear immediately upon ingestion, but can sometimes take some to manifest. £30.00
  • Meats & Poultry
    Many people who think they might suffer from various types of meat allergies and intolerances. This test will cover different kinds of meat, such as, beef, lamb, buffalo, chicken, turkey, duck, pork, etc. £20.00
  • Pollen
    There are many types of pollen that trigger allergic symptoms, such as itchiness, swelling etc. This test includes different types of flowers, grass, shrubs, bushes and trees. £50.00
  • Fish & Crustaceans
    Our Fish Allergy Test covers a wide selection of fish and shellfish. For instance, we test for intolerances to salmon, tuna, haddock, prawns etc. £25.00
  • Fats & Oils
    Fats and Oils are present in most if not all foods that we eat today. Due to it being such a staple ingredient in our cooking, it is useful to know which oils and fats your body can and cannot digest. £20.00
  • Nuts & Soya
    Nuts and Soya are the two most common types of food people have intolerances to. They are found in numerous products and widely available. This test is for those who believe they may suffer from an intolerance to nuts or soya. £20.00
  • Vegetables
    Vegetables have the potential to cause an allergic reaction, however most people only suffer from an intolerance. Our test will look at a wide range of vegetables, including, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. £30.00
  • Herbs & Spices
    Herbs and spices come from plants and therefore have the potential to be allergens. It is important you know which herbs and spices your body can digest without causing a reaction. £30.00
  • Fruits
    A wide variety of fruits have been reported to cause allergic reactions. This test will identify which fruits your body does and does not like. Including strawberries, bananas, melon, grapes etc. £40.00
  • Food Artificials
    Food additives are hidden ingredients that many dismiss as being potential allergens. This test will look for intolerances to preservatives, E-numbers, emulsifiers, food colouring and more. £30.00
  • Alcohol
    common signs of an intolerance to alcohol is a stuffy nose and skin flushing. It is common for people who have intolerances to alcohol to have allergies to grains and other ingredients in alcoholic beverages. £30.00
  • Should I be Vegan?
    Some people may have intolerances to all kinds of dairy and meat altogether, in which case the most suitable option for them would be to adopt a vegan diet so they can reach optimum health. £50.00
  • Environmental Toxins
    Symptoms such as sneezing, skin flare ups, or breathing problems. You may not have a food intolerance but still suffer from some form of a reaction, this test will help clarify if the allergen is actually in the air. £30.00£30.00
  • Inhalation Allergies
    Inhalation allergies are the most common type of allergy. This is when a person breathes in an allergen from their surroundings and it causes an abnormal reaction. £40.00
  • Animals
    Pet allergies occur when your body reacts to certain substances found on the animal. This test will help you identify which animals may actually be causing you more harm than good. £30.00
  • Fibers & Animal Hair
    Animal hair allergies affect the breathing and the skin, with symptoms such as itching, redness, conjunctivitis or hives. This test is great for people who have pets or work with animals. £30.00
  • Perfume Contents
    People who suffer from skin conditions such as, sneezing, heat rashes, eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin are often sensitive to the chemicals in fragrances. £30.00

Is it for you?

Do you want a comprehensive test for your baby like never before? Do you want to be proactive about your baby's health and get on top of any health issues that might be affecting them ? If you want an inclusive intolerance test with a detailed report that may help you and your GP, then this test may be the right test for you.

How to Prepare for the Test

Home Test Kit:
This test required 2 drops of blood from your baby. Please ensure your baby's finger or heel prick blood sample is taken at least 1 hours after any food or drink intake (except water). 

Clinic Visit:
Please ensure that your baby is on an empty stomach at least 1 hour before your appointment time. 

Why Consider taking this test?

You want a thorough check for your baby that covers common everyday food and non food categories
You want to see how food may be affecting your baby's health 
You want to check your baby's intolerance levels
You want an easy and convenient way to check the main environmental allergens that may be affecting your baby

Find out the potential causes of your problems with a bioenergetic intolerance test.



The contents of our test reports are not meant to infer any diagnosis, treatment or cure of specific conditions and illnesses. Although many illnesses can be linked to nutritional deficiencies, intolerances and pathogenic or toxic influences, the likely presence of such in your report is not necessarily indicative of the illness itself. If you are concerned about your health, please seek the advice of your GP or Medical Adviser. The information provided in our test reports may help them further towards considering more formal investigations in line with current medical practice.

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