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Unique, Innovative
Employee Health Screening 

Our Employee Wellness Check has been carefully designed and thought out. Whilst there are other wellness check providers on the market, The Test Clinic check offers a non invasive, non contact process with instant results and test markers that no other company offers. We truly believe that this sets us apart from the rest.   

Bringing Wellness to your Workplace

Employee well being has never been more important. When your employees are absent through sickness, your business suffers … and none more so than small businesses. The Test Clinic Employee Wellness programs allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from our tests offering comprehensive and proactive health tests for your employees.

Regular testing can be regarded as a valuable benefit for your employees and a considerate gesture by you. It’s smart for you and smart for business. Whether you are a small business with less than 10 employees or a larger corporate, we are happy to talk to you.

How can your Business benefit?

We are passionate about supporting companies and their people to take a proactive approach to health and wellbeing. Below are some reasons why you may consider introducing Employee Wellness Screening in your company:

Show your employees that you care about their health
Providing vital health information to your employees that they will appreciate
Reduce costs associated with employee absence
Help develop your Employee Health & Well Being strategies
Empower employees to take a proactive approach to their health 
Understand the common health challenges & deficiencies that your workforce face
Help improve employee motivation and productivity
Help develop your recruitment & retention strategies
Be seen as a proactive, forward thinking company within your industry
Onsite testing - no extra cost for visiting your premises

What Makes us Different? 

Not Just an Employee Wellness Test Provider
We have been offering wellness testing services and private health checks since 2015 to people across the UK and worldwide. Clients have been benefitting from our unique tests with results that have helped them and their doctors in finding answers to their health problems.

Employee Friendly Testing - No Blood or Injections

Using state of the art, certified technology, our non invasive health checks can help enable your employees to proactively manage both their physical and mental well being.   

More Results than a conventional Blood Test

Your employees receive a fully personalised report, helping them to understand areas where their bodies may be out of balance. This includes a complete Vitamin & Mineral deficiency assessment. Conventional blood tests only measure Vitamin D, B12 and Iron. At The Test Clinic, we fully appreciate and understand the need for people to know their nutritional levels for every vitamin & mineral as collectively, they play a major role in the functioning of our immune system. Numerous studies have shown that symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, stress, mental health, brain fog etc are all linked with nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in the body. Unlike any other provider, The Test Clinic Employee Wellness Check (bioenergetically) assesses over 20 vitamins & minerals offering a unique insight into the body.   

Key Features of Employee Health Screening

For Your Employees:

Non Invasive Health Check
No Blood or Injections
Holistic health check that may help tackle symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, stress, mental health and more
Instant Results
Easy to understand report with traffiic light format
Includes key markers that are not available on a routine blood test
Free vitamin supplements where deficiencies are highlighted* 

For Your Company:

On site wellness testing for your employees
A Proactive, Modern approach  - Non Invasive, Rapid Testing
Rapid Testing – workers are only away from work for 15 minutes
Following your employee health screenings, you are provided with a Management Information Report with information on:
Employee engagement/participation levels
Organisational health profile
Your report can be used as an audit tool enabling you to proactively develop your wellbeing priorities.

The Right Package for your Company

With our Employee Wellness Programs, you can take positive steps to building a healthy company. Choose from our packages below to suit your needs and budget. Our unique test packages can help empower your staff by giving them the information they need to make more proactive, informed lifestyle decisions. This in turn may help them to be healthier, fitter, more motivated and engaged. 

Employee Care Test

Our carefully designed test aims to provide employees with valuable health information that includes a range of markers which can help provide a holistic insight of their general health.

30 key markers

Full Report Included 

Instant Results

Non Invasive/contact


per employee

Employee Care Plus Test

Offers the added benefit of relevant vitamin supplements provided to the employee with the aim of getting them started immediately on their road to improved wellness. 

30 key markers

Full Report Included 

Instant Results

Non Invasive/contact

Dietary Supplements included for any nutritional deficiencies that are highlighted*


per employee


The contents of our test reports are not meant to infer any diagnosis, treatment or cure of specific conditions and illnesses. Although many illnesses can be linked to nutritional deficiencies, intolerances and pathogenic or toxic influences, the likely presence of such in your report is not necessarily indicative of the illness itself. If you are concerned about your health, please seek the advice of your GP or Medical Adviser. The information provided in our test reports may help them further towards considering more formal investigations in line with current medical practice.

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